De Facto Relationship Lawyers

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De Facto Relationship

While a legal marriage must be registered with the court, the rights and responsibilities of de facto couples should not be ignored. De facto relationship lawyers will be able to guide you through the legal process. Read on to learn more about de facto relationships. There are several ways that you can protect yourself. Here are a few examples. In Matthews v. Sullivan, the couple lived together for five years. They had separate bank accounts but shared expenses such as meals, holidays, and holiday homes.


Upon dissolution of a de facto relationship, you may have to pay maintenance to your ex-partner. This obligation is based on what you contributed during the relationship and what you expect from your ex. Depending on the circumstances, a lawyer may help you to determine how much of the pool you can reasonably expect to receive. If you are the recipient of maintenance, your lawyer may be able to advise you on a ‘range’, which is the percentage of the property pool that a court will award you. This will help you to better position yourself during negotiations. Remember to seek legal advice when planning to dissolve your de facto relationship, even if you’re sure that you can’t receive what you think you deserve.

If the relationship ended without a divorce, you need to apply to the Family Court of Australia. The time limit for filing is two years from the date of the separation, but in some cases, you can file out of time. This time limit does not apply to parenting issues. A qualified and experienced de facto relationship lawyer can advise you on the legal procedure and how to proceed. Even though the application may have been filed within the time limit, it will not be granted without proper evidence.

Hiring a Lawyer

You may also consider seeking a financial agreement between the partners. A financial agreement is a great way to protect yourself from a lawsuit if you break up. However, it’s important to remember that financial agreements are legal and should be negotiated before the relationship breaks up. So, if you are planning to end your relationship, consult a de facto relationship lawyer to help you protect your rights and interests. You’ll be glad you did.

De Facto Relationship

De facto relationship lawyers in Melbourne will help you protect yourself from a messy divorce. These lawyers are familiar with the family law process and can ensure a fair outcome. In most cases, de facto partners have two years from the date of separation to file divorce proceedings in the Family Court. After that, you have to seek permission from the court to file a case. This is not guaranteed, but the sooner you seek legal advice, the better.

Property Division and Other Issues

Property division is another area that should be handled by de facto relationship lawyers in Australia. Property division is important because both partners must agree on the decision. You may need an attorney to register a de facto relationship, but it’s much safer to consult with a specialist. Similarly, property division is a complex legal issue that requires careful analysis by a de facto relationship lawyer in North Sydney. They can guide you through this process, as well as help you decide how to divide the property.

A de facto relationship exists when two people live together on a domestic basis. This can happen even if one party is legally married to another person. It applies to issues such as property division and child custody. In a de facto relationship, children may also be involved, or the partners may decide to separate. You must contact a lawyer if you suspect a de facto relationship in your family. You should have a lawyer review the documents to make sure the facts are correct.

There are a few exceptions to the two-year rule. To establish a de facto relationship, the partners must have been living together for at least two years without separation. This exception is only made if the couple has children together or made substantial contributions to the joint property. Family law in Australia, including the Western Australian Family Law Act 1997, governs de facto relationships. A certificate of registration is considered a proof of de facto relationship.

A de facto relationship is not considered marriage, but it is similar to it. Both parties have responsibilities to each other, which are different from those of a marriage. You may have to prove that you are living together or sign binding financial agreements. If this is the case, a de facto relationship lawyer can help you protect your rights. You should also consider obtaining a divorce or separation if you think your relationship has come to an end.

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