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When parties divorce, it is frequently needed to ascertain the preparations for the children of the divorcing couples. Our child custody lawyers in Perth can provide proper advice to establish that, with whom the children will live and how much time the other party will get to spend with the children. We can also offer our additional advice with respect to particular matters such as relocation, schooling and name change.

At times, in spite of the best efforts of one or both parents, they cannot arrive at an agreement on the welfare and future care of their children. This does not necessarily imply that you unavoidably end up in court. You and your partner may first need to attend mediation. Only a comparatively small number of issues proceed finally to trial. Parents are encouraged to mediate and resolve issues informally. Trials can be very expensive with respect to both financial and emotional costs.

If you require advice on how to get custody of your children, you can obtain a legal consultation from our child custody lawyers. Moreover, if you require advice on how to spend time with your children, our divorce lawyers can explain to you how to go forward and how to spend consistent time with your children.

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child custody lawyers perth

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When parties separate due to the breakdown of the relationship, frequently property settlement is not the only issue. As it is known to most parents, it is children who are the most important component of a relationship. Hence, it is crucial to get advice from our experienced divorce lawyers Perth, WA as promptly as possible. The vital issue in all child custody matters is who the children will live with and who they will spend time with.

The most important feature in all child custody matters is the best interests of children and their welfare. The Australian law is strong – it states that children should have a meaningful relationship with both parents and it will be in the best interests of children unless the children will be exposed to a risk of family violence by that relationship.

The Court presumes that each parent has an equal common parental duty for their children until the children attain 18 years of age. This implies that both parents have to turn to each other with regard to main long-term decisions concerning the children.

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