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About Us

Divorce Lawyers Perth is a service of Tang Law, Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage and when you are involved in such an activity, you need to get proper guidance and advice. hence divorce lawyer Perth can assist you in the best way regarding the frustrating formalities and further complications.
To deal with issues like division of property or custody issues, you need to avail the prominent services of certified Divorce Lawyers Perth.

Getting a divorce is not a difficult task but the whole procedure to obtain that is a little bit tricky. Hence you need a legal divorce lawyer Perth to get the required outcome. Help regarding Division of property.
1. Knowledge regarding Child Custody Lawyer and Visitation Rights.
2. Assistance regarding Family Law Issues.
3. High Net Worth Divorce.

You will probably need divorce lawyer Perth to obtain a divorce under the following conditions:

  • In case, you are separated under the same roof for a relevant period of time.
  • In case, you have no idea regarding how to contact the other party.
  • In case, the other parties have reconciled for a short period after separation.
  • In case, you are not aware of how to satisfy the usual service requirements.
  • In case, you don’t have any proof or record of your marriage and you are not clear whether the marriage is valid or not.

1) What is the main reason of getting divorced?
2) Have you done everything to save your marriage?
3) Is there still any type of feeling for your partner?
And various another type of such question one may need to answer before taking divorce. so get help from divorce lawyer Perth.